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Get Online: 11 Genuine Reasons for Building Own Website

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By Sally Schinkel

There are many reasons for building own website. Let me make it easy and give you a concise answer. You want people to know who you are and what your business does, right?

A website is simply a way to tell them what you have for them. So whether you are trying to connect with people and increase your followers or a business looking for ways to increase sales, a website is what you need as the first step.

In this article, I will walk you through the reasons for building own website. But that is not all. Finally, I will briefly discuss a roadmap to develop your website.

So, if you stay till the end, you will have plenty of authentic and proven reasons for building own website and on top of that, you will not need any developer or designer to do this task for you. You will be able to build your website on your own.

Overview – Reasons for Building Own Website

Here is the overview of what you will learn from this article. Along with the multiple reasons for building own website, we have added an extra section as a comprehensive guide to build own website.

How to Know If You Really Need a Website?

Before going deeper into the reasons for building your website, let’s find out whether you need a website. But first, answer a few simple questions for yourself.

Do you want to build a personal brand, open an online store, share your knowledge through a blog, or show off a portfolio of your creative work?

If you respond positively to these questions, you need a website. Building a website can help you achieve all of these goals and more. When it comes to building a website, WordPress has it all.

WordPress is a versatile platform that allows you to build a wide range of websites using free and paid themes. Currently, nearly 40% of all websites are made using WordPress.

11 Reasons for Building Own Website – Why You Need to Go Online?

Here are the reasons for building own website. Though there are numerous others, these are the most fundamental reasons or the benefits of having your online website.

1. You Desire to Have Your Virtual Office

Reasons for building own website: Virtual Office
Reasons for building own website: Virtual Office

A virtual workplace is no longer a luxury in today’s digital age; it is a dire need for every business. Your website serves as a virtual office for visitors to learn about you, engage with you, and even transact with you.

Your website is available 24 hours a day and may be accessed from anywhere in the world. To set up your virtual office, you’ll need a dependable host. FastComet or Cloudways can help with this. Hence, your desire to have a virtual office is one of the basic reasons for building own website.

FastComet or Cloudways are like landlords renting out office space, providing a platform where you can host your website and ensure it is always available.

2. Your Brand Needs Awareness

Reasons for building own website: Brand Awareness
Reasons for building own website: Brand Awareness

A website is an effective tool for increasing brand recognition. It enables you to share your purpose, vision, and values with a worldwide audience.

You can develop a memorable brand image that connects with your visitors and converts them into loyal consumers using well-crafted content and engaging design.

A website lets you share your brand narrative regularly and tell the world what makes you unique. Then, you can register your brand name via GoDaddy or Namecheap, and boom; your brand is online.

While registering your domain on GoDaddy or Namecheap, make sure that the same domain is available on all the social media platforms you will use in future.

3. You Want to Connect With People or Increase Followers

Building an online presence via a website is crucial to connect with people and increase your followers.

A website allows you to reach a wider audience and provide valuable content that keeps them returning for more.

For instance, a blogger can grow their reader base from a few hundred to thousands or even millions simply by sharing insightful content consistently on their website.

4. Your Business Requires Marketing

Every business, regardless of size, requires marketing to survive, and a website is at the heart of your digital marketing efforts.

Various SEO plugins on WordPress, like RankMath, help boost your ranking in Google and polish your marketing.

When utilised wisely, Google Ads may significantly increase your exposure, allowing you to attract potential consumers who are actively seeking your products or services.

Consider ‘Nordic Knits,’ a small local shop in Duluth, Minnesota. They had a solid client base inside the city but aimed to reach a larger market, specialising in hand-knit woollen garments. So they decided to create a website and use Google Ads.

Case Study of NicNordics Using RankMath for Marketing & SEO
Case Study of NicNordics Using RankMath for Marketing & SEO

They boosted visitors to their website by tailoring advertisements to certain groups interested in winter gear, sustainable design, and handcrafted items. As a result, visitors were converted into consumers with an engaging website design and a user-friendly buying experience.

Nordic Knits significantly increased sales and brand recognition over a year. Their website enabled nationwide delivery and drew worldwide clients, changing them from a local retailer to a globally recognised brand.

5. You Want to Have a Competitive Advantage

Website speed is vital in offering a better user experience and earning a competitive edge.

Visitors have a low tolerance for slow-loading pages, and even a few seconds of delay might result in losing potential clients. So here’s where GeneratePress comes in.

We Love GeneratePress Theme
We Love GeneratePress Theme

It’s a lightweight WordPress theme that guarantees your website operates smoothly and loads quickly, frequently in under 2 seconds.

This quick reaction time can boost visitor retention and engagement, offering you a competitive advantage.

6. You Want to Make Client Data Analysis Easier

Reasons for Building Own Website: Customer Data Analysis
Reasons for Building Own Website: Customer Data Analysis

A website is a treasure for client information. It gives valuable insights into visitor behaviour, preferences, and demographics, which may be used to improve marketing efforts and drive innovation.

You can measure a range of data, such as bounce rate, page visits, and conversion rate, using tools like Google Analytics, which may help you determine what’s working and what needs to be improved.

This data-driven strategy may improve decision-making and move your company forward.

7. You’re Business Isn’t Making Enough Sales

Isn’t your business giving you good ROI? Isn’t your business making enough sales? Then, you need to go online with your business.

A website, particularly an e-commerce website, can aid in sales growth.

The transition of ‘Nike,’ a worldwide athletic brand, is a perfect example. Nike used to rely mainly on sales from traditional retail outlets and third-party sellers. Recognising the potential of e-commerce, they chose to improve their online presence.

Case Study of Nike Making Sales With website
Case Study of Nike Making Sales With Website

Nike created a complete e-commerce website that provides clients with a diverse choice of items worldwide. This change enabled them to reach clients in areas where they needed physical storefronts. The website also served as a platform for them to tell the story of their business, engage customers with personalised experiences, and conduct targeted marketing initiatives.

Their global sales have increased significantly. Nike’s internet sales have risen exceptionally in the quarter ending August 2020, with their website playing a pivotal role. As more customers turned to online buying, this strategic approach helped them handle the COVID-19 epidemic.

8. You Want to Give Your Customers a 1-Stop-Service-Solution

A website may serve as a one-stop shop for your clients, allowing them to browse items, make purchases, contact customer support, and leave reviews and comments.

This all-encompassing strategy improves the consumer experience and encourages loyalty. WordPress’s extensive plugin library can assist you in accomplishing this.

A plugin for almost every functionality makes it easy to provide a full-service solution to your clients, whether you require a shopping cart, live chat, or a review system.

9. You Need Multiple Pages Website Rather than 1-Page Social Media Handle

Reasons for Building Own Website: Multiple Pages Layout
Reasons for Building Own Website: Multiple Pages Layout

While social media is important for establishing a digital presence, it can only replace part of the functionality of a multi-page website.

Social networking sites display all of your material on one page, which can lead to clutter and make it difficult for users to access specific information.

On the other hand, a website allows you to cleanly categorise and display information over numerous pages, improving usability and user experience.

A website allows you to efficiently organise and show your material, whether it’s product pages, a blog area, or a dedicated About Us page.

10. You Want to Share Your Thoughts

A website is an essential tool for bloggers and opinion leaders. It gives you a dedicated forum to express your thoughts and observations freely.

You can share whatever you got with the rest of the world through exciting blog articles. It’s your digital stage, where you may express your viewpoints.

11. Your Business Needs Credibility

A well-designed, professional website may boost your company’s credibility. It’s your digital shop, and the quality of your content, the speed of your site, and its layout all influence how visitors perceive your company.

Platforms such as Upwork provide access to skilled writers who can provide high-quality material for your website, while GeneratePress ensures that your site is quick and well-structured.

These features, when combined, make your website, and hence your business, look more trustworthy and credible to your clients.

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A Brief Overview – Build Your Own WordPress Website

Having gone through the reasons for building own website, you must be determined by now to have your own website. Right?

I am not going to leave you lurking over here. You don’t need to go anywhere else to build your WordPress website.

You have got my back on your way to building your WordPress website. Every step of this journey is described in a detailed article on our website. Here are those precious posts that you must read.

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FAQs – Reasons for Building Own Website

I don’t sell online. Do I need a website for my local store?

You must add your local store to Google and build your local brand. It will help build your brand credibility. Your buyer will also find you easily in that area with the address and phone number you provide on Google.

Do I need to use all these tools to build my website?

You can only require some of these tools. Tools and plugin usage depend entirely on your reasons for building your website.

Can I use a different domain registrar than Namecheap or GoDaddy?

Sure, you can opt for a different domain registrar. GoDaddy and Namecheap are just two credible options among many others.

What is the benefit of using Cloudflare for nameservers?

Cloudflare provides a free content delivery network (CDN) that can help your website load faster. In addition, Cloudflare includes security features such as DDoS protection.

Why should I use GeneratePress for my website’s theme?

GeneratePress is a lightweight and adaptable theme that can be tailored to your individual requirements. It is also optimised for speed and SEO, which may assist in enhancing your website’s visibility and user experience.

Can I use different plugins than the ones mentioned?

Yes, you are free to choose other plugins as well. Above mentioned are just a few popular and more credible options.

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